About me…

At the core of me, I am a writer.  Not an established one, per se, but a passion to be one all the same, and determined at that.  Some of what I write may not be for the faint-hearted, excerpts from my life-story alone may put hairs on your chest, but it should make quite a read none-the-less.  Be warned…

Please note that all of my works have been firmly established with Copyrights, which are solely mine.

Please do comment if anything I say strikes you in any way at all and let me know you dropped by, so I can take a trip over to your pages.

Love and light.


4 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hey Amanda,

    Just want to let you know I just nominated you as an official Health Demystified MVP (Most Valued Peep) for all your support and encouragement. This is my way of letting you know that I really appreciate you and I think you are awesome.

    Welcome to the exclusive Health Demystified MVP Club.

    Glad to have you on board,


  2. Thank you soo much Eric!! At first, I didn’t know what that meant, and when I realised what it meant… well I’m blown away! I haven’t been on WordPress very long and am only this past few weeks posting myself publicly, via Facebook etc. I am still adjusting and have come to learn even more about myself through blogging. One of my more recent posts was about people acknowledging they’d read something, and the fact that so many weren’t. That would be ok if I didn’t have a statistic ticker telling me exactly the numbers that view etc etc, you know yourself. So I was becoming disheartened, wondering if anyone was actually reading… or listening. Anyway, I was really only talking about the Facebookers! – the people I know on a more personal level. Then a few comments crept in and now this? Well, all I can say is, I am so honoured to accept this, I am proud to be a MVP on your site and even more honoured to have been chosen given that I have read so many other comments on your blog! You have completely made my day, pffffffff scratch that – week and I hope you continue to get something from my posts, just as I do from yours!! Thank you again my friend,

    Amanda 🙂

  3. Amanda! where have you been? I’ve been missing you and your lovely perfectly written posts, my blogger friend! I hope all is well!!!! Lots of love and light your way ;). Come back to the blogging community soon!!

    • My dear Erika!!! Oh I’m sooo sorry I am only seeing this comment now… I have been out of action for a very long time =- for all sorts of reasons including health and am only trying to pick up the pieces of my writing now and get a few lines down on paper! I’ve missed it terribly, have gazed longingly at the keys several times but couldn’t even begin to write anything. It’s soo important what’s going on inside when it comes to writing for me and there’s just been so much I’ve had to deal with, that I could never find the incentive. Even with Facebook – I first logged in again at the end of last week, just couldn’t focus on anything that’s not going on in my real world at the time.

      How are things with you? I will be hopping over to your pages to have a read and hopefully catch a glimpse of where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to, all good I hope?

      I hope you’re still around here, it’s so nice to revisit an old friend…

      My very best to you Erika, xxxx

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