Beautiful Moon… (La Luna Hermoso…)

Beautiful Moon La Luna Hermoso


Oh Luna hermoso, please come cleanse my heart,

Light up my pathway to show my new start.

I have truly fallen and so must arise

With fresh new vision in awakened eyes.


My heart now weighs heavy, as does my mind

And I am tired from the mountains I have already climbed.

This emptiness inside me I cannot yet fill

And it aches so much so, I fear it never will.


You who are faithful to me all these years

Coming always to see me, despite sadness or tears.

Coming always to energise and fill me with power

And strength to endure, hour after hour.


I stare at you in awe and with love of your form

You are the Almighty to whom I conform.

Forever forgiving to me of my sins,

Never judging nor frowning on who I have been.


I too am like this but it has not been returned

And although Karma will mind me, my fingers are burned.

I need now the courage to get up and move on

Without changing my person and staying ever so strong.


I ask you this favour in all honesty,

As a preacher of Earth and Your Divinity.

Grant me your clarity, so that I may again be,

At one with Your greatness, in a life led by me.


Shine too for my children, for they know how I fell

And drench them with your radiance to keep them all well.

Our hearts have been missing a beat for a while,

But with one word from you, it will bring back our smile.


Please come to me now, while my heart is in two,

For once your light fills me, I’ll know what to do.

I cherish your visits through your every Phase

And although your are nocturnal, you light up my days…


by Amanda J. Fitzpatrick©

16th October, 2013 day before the October Full Moon..

Moons 059

My birthday Moon – 30th December 2012… day of birth and rebirth.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Moon… (La Luna Hermoso…)

    • OMG Erika thank you sooo much for taking the time to tell me and to show your Mom!! I’m sooo happy to know that someone else got something from it!!! Great to hear from you girl, I hope life is treating you well!! 🙂 x

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