I wrote ‘Soulmates’ a very long time ago, inspired by the meeting of two old friends who were obviously destined to be together, and who still are.  It was quite the experience for me and moved me to take out my pen.  There could be hope for all of us…  As with most of my work, each line is laden with puns, innuendos and hidden meanings, so take care to read slowly…


May your true love surrender all of your fears,

Those deeply interred that have beleaguered your years.

This love is not like any you have ever known,

From a mere few moments, this true love has grown.

Those moments are sacred, for those who truly know you;

And the pair of you; two bestowed.

For it is those that found you and tendered a chance,

For two weary hearts, the will to dance.

And so cherish each-other, for you love how they need you,

And laugh with each-other, for you love how they feed you

With sunlight and warmth and with air that is clear,

Not clouded by tradition, nor dampened by fear.

All shall be calm, where once raged a storm,

This love you have found will keep your heart warm.

May all pasts be forgotten but revered for their costs

Had you not paid their toll, all may have been lost.

For you each have arrived, at this time-honoured place,

Divine in it’s timing and honoured by fate.

Two souls of Heaven, two hearts entwined,

A Celestial equal, that some never find.

And this love forever, will keep your heart strong,

Content in knowing that to them you belong.

Be you together, apart, ahead-of or behind,

This real true love will the two of you bind.

For this is for you – as it is for them,

A ‘spiritual reunion’ from another realm.

A bond between souls, a friend to behold,

Embracing eternity – another lifetime to unfold.

Amanda-Jane Fitzpatrick©


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