Docs behaving badly…?

I was reading a fellow bloggers post today, and given that I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days now, and that my response was soo long (as is often the bloody case), I decided to make my today’s post about it.  I should point out, that this guy nominated me for his MVP (Most Valued Peep) Award last week, on his Thanksgiving Thursday blog. I tell you proudly of this, but also ALSO to point out that this is not the reason I am referring to his blog now, I am highlighting it because it makes so much sense…

Skip to intros, this is Eric and his blog is most definitely worth following!  You won’t be disappointed.  If what he says isn’t enough, the trail of comments makes most interesting desert!  Today he highlighted a subject that I too am very aware of so I’m posting my response here also, as today’s post.

Read this —> I’m Better Than You Because I Use Bigger Words « healthdemystified.

And my response…

Well!!! Fan-bloody-tastic!!! Brilliant post, LOVE IT!! The more people that see this, the better!!! You are soo right, of course. I am not a fan of going to the doctors and usually try to heal myself homeopathically, or at least naturally if I can at all. 9 times out of 10, I will. Also with regular Vitamin C, there’s not much to heal lol. Grateful.

Anyway, I am one of those who interrogates the doctor – as I see dutifully, on every visit – no matter who for, myself, my kids, family – whomever.  These days my doc explains everything to me, as he knows I won’t leave until I know everything – that he mightn’t have even thought of, or take anything he’s prescribed until he’s given me a usually vague idea of what it’s for, then google or my trusty meds reference book. No way. The shit some of these give out reminds me of the phrase, ‘pill pushers’. I guess I’m talking about GP’s – SOME GP’s, NOT all of course. Like everything. I feel they promote the products pushed on to them by their suppliers – (people seem to forget there is competition between pharmaceutical companies too), and their offices are full of their ‘bribes’ for business!  Pens, notepads, gadgets you name it, flagged up in different companies logos. So many can’t actually function on the ‘lay’ mans level, as you say. If it ain’t an impressive string of greek or latin, then it’s not covering his arse! So many of them that I’ve had over the years, just don’t ‘connect’ with their patients anymore. Not as I remember it as a kid. I know there are some still out there, and the guy I have now is great, but I know it’s becoming more difficult to trust your doctor really is in the room, whilst you bore him senseless of your woes!! I often wonder what they’re thinking about as I rattle on, despite it being a rare appearance. ‘Oh not another one, you’re the 5th today. Yea, yea ah I know what it is’, all the while waiting for you to shut up so he can write a script and move on to the next. Not really there. Time is money? Don’t get me started on their wages in this country…

Your average pharmacy is another place for caution. About 3 weeks ago, I went to the pharmacy for a prescription. The usually short drive across town was slow and painful. Traffic. It was raining and getting late. Once I got home, I went to take my prescription, only to find that BOTH of the TWO items were not given as prescribed. Remember, I would have checked the script before I even left the surgery, so knew what I was getting. Of course on finding that I had to get back to them before they closed, then even later and darker.

 Now, some years ago, this same pharmacy dispensed the wrong meds to my aunt and only for she noticed the difference in the size of the pill, asked her daughter, a nurse if it was right, she could have died taking what they gave her – had she taken them without thinking! They were to do the exact opposite to what her own pills were to do. Honestly, I thought the scare that that gave them would have kept them forever on their toes with regard to dispensing meds, but obviously not and I personally will not be going there again! Although I brought my script to one of this particular pharmacy’s branch, I returned it to another one, which was easier for parking. I had words with the manager there. He was expecting me. He asked me – ‘Haven’t you ever made a mistake?’ – to which I replied, that as many as I’ve made in my lifetime, I don’t recall making one that could directly influence whether a person lives or dies and reminded him that if I’M capable of reading the prescription CORRECTLY how come those with a license to dispense meds are NOT! ?? I made reference to the fact that it’s not like MacDonalds where you have to check your order before you leave, this is life or death in a bag! I was furious and needless to say, I won’t be going there for prescriptions ever again -(yes I know they’re shaking in their boots NOT hahahah). I could think of a cause immediately though. When I went into the first pharmacy where I got the prescription, the girl dispensing the prescriptions was standing processing the script, eyes down at a computer. The girl who collected my script stood beside her nattering away in here ear, the whole time. Her only interruption was to serve me. As I entered the second pharmacy to have it changed, I saw the same thing. A girl processing while a guy this time, stood and babbled away in her ear. Eh hallo? Concentrate please? Now that’s just too often to make mistakes when it comes to prescription medications, is it not? I think that’s half the worlds’ problem actually, concentration. People either do too much of it or not enough.

As for the feisty elderly lady who threw the fruit, fair play to her! But she was so lucky she had a voice to speak and use of her limbs to react. What scares me more, are the ones who don’t have all their senses and faculties. They are so vulnerable, it’s frightening. There have been highlighted cases of such abuse in the papers in recent years, mostly UK but some in Ireland. Heart-wrenching stories, I couldn’t even say the words.

Anyway, again it’s not everywhere, but it is out there and people should never take the first answer they get and never take it at face value. Inquire, have things explained and know exactly what’s wrong, what’s happening, what will change and how it will affect you. Basic stuff to safe-guard your lives from as you quite rightly put it, not Magical Deities.

Aware, aware aware! BE ALWAYS AWARE!

And I hope you are not planning on paying that ludicrous fee to the gimp on the phone??!!

Always reading with pleasure!

Amanda 🙂


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