Choosing community…

I’m so busy right now, I haven’t had much time to write and have been preoccupied to the extent that I’m not even itching to.  Mind you, that doesn’t stop me receiving notifications of fellow bloggers posts, and if I have a minute, I’ll read them.  I am not interested in every blog I come across, far from it.  Sooo many are just not for me, but there are the few that I look forward to on a daily basis now.  They are the interesting and intelligent ones who don’t behave like they know it!

They can be witty, and up-front, and reminiscent and thoughtful.  Some are floaters, some surmizers, others protectors but all with something to say and with a passion to write, probably as much as me.

I don’t know them from ‘Adam’ really, but through their words and expressions, I have a notion of who they are.  There are many different characters and shades of humanity.  The influx of varied stories and issues that come through these people causes my brain to react and work, to consider and to decipher; to reflect, to wonder…  And I love it!  A place to connect with like minds.  It’s like getting all the best bits of the news paper – only the sections you want to read – on subjects you know will interest you and won’t make you squirm and other peoples’ perspectives on the same things you both see.  Amazing.  Great community, of my own choosing!

Love & Light


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