The Waste of a Lifetime…

I read through a fellow bloggers blog today. Very interesting guy…   He referred to the Dalai Lama which reminded me of this, which I wrote when I was in my early 20’s …which wasn’t last week ! lol


 The Waste of a Lifetime

Imagine the faith of an angel;
The voice of a candle;
The serenity of a sunset;
The velocity of darkness.

Think back on a moment
How long was it? How did it feel?
Is life really worth a multitude of moments?
How did you spend your moment?
Do you believe
It could have been put to better use?
Are you proud of how you created it?
Could you have changed it? Did you err?
Will you?
Think over your lifetime,
Imagine had it been different;
Are you happy with how it has been?
Why are you not? Why would you change it?
What have you suffered? What have you lost? 
What have you learned? What was the purpose?
Where is the reason? What was the cost?
Will you change your future? Would you change your past?
Why did you not live it then as you would now?
Is there a purpose? 
Will you change your future? How?
How – as you have not yet lived! If you had, 
You would not now be changing your past.

Imagine the length of eternity;
The voice of a flame;
The serenity of a sunrise;
The velocity of light;

Imagine the waste of a lifetime…

 by Amanda-Jane Fitzpatrick.© 

5 thoughts on “The Waste of a Lifetime…

  1. Beautiful post, Amanda! My favorite line is “How did you spend your moment?” It really encapsulates how short our live on earth is.

    I love this poem, it really is a great reminder to all of us


    • I was sure I posted this reply but I can’t find it here. Have it in notifications alright, so am trying again.. Still finding my way around these parts lol. I hope it doesn’t appear twice to you.

      Thank you so much Eric, I am so happy to know it reached you! I was instantly reminded of it when I read Lama’s quote. And another thing that I love about your comment is that you told me your favourite line!! Over the years, raising my kids, I would always inquire as to their favourite ‘part’ of things, for example after watching a movie, or having seen a show, or reading through stories with them. It’s so nice to have that extra little insight, dimension even, into how others perceive the world. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

      Amanda 🙂

      • 🙂 no problem. Thanks for sharing that poem…I used to write poetry all the time, and i can appreciate good work when i see it


  2. I’m 17 @ 7, 21@ 11, 39 again @7 and when 11 comes again and I shower and trim my nails and then the very last thing, I shave and I talk to the seventy two year old man in the clouded mirror and we talk about the new career, the friends I have all over the globe, the argument we had today with a political adversary…….That was yesterday. I met you just now and 39 became so very young. Lets thank Erik. Thanks Erik !!! I like her poem too.

    • I am so touched that through these words, you found yourself smiling! As the poet, I particularly love how you’ve shown your perspective through another age. And yourself in the mirror. I too have a relationship with my mirror. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments!!

      Amanda 🙂

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