The Man Who Sued the Pope – Ireland

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The Man Who Sued the Pope – Ireland – YouTube.

My hat is firmly off to this man, brave beyond belief, especially given how long ago we’re talking about. Unfortunately I get the distinct impression he’s carrying the course for justice on his own, when really we should all be carrying it with him.  Someone owes him justice and the others like him and I certainly feel I do on some level because for years before I allowed myself to doubt and listen to reason, I too fueled the church’s begging bowls with my hard earned coppers and sucked up their bullshit about humanity and how we should be living our lives. Riiiiight. A classic story of  ‘We’ll do what we want, you do what we tell you – or its eternal fires for you!’   Eh, no thanks, not for me.  Given the numbers involved = probably only a fraction of how many really have been affected, and so many on my own doorstep, I see the Church   as an army of terrorists (simple math) and what would that say about me were I to contribute and put anything in their basket that may help them… enabling them to one day rape and abuse one of your kids or mine?

Think about who you’re promoting when you’re paying out any kind of money – what power are you giving them with that? And think long and hard about the stories they tell you… How can they tell you to fear the fires of hell and yet look at what they’ve done and how ‘they’ (the administration, head honchos, ring leaders) have spent years brushing away evidence of such heinous crimes – against innocent little children no less (could it get any worse?) and move their precious molesting ‘disciples’ to another diocese out of harms way, as soon as someone speaks out – thus allowing them to do it again and again and again?  To cover their arses so they won’t lose money?  Because money = power and power allows them dictate how we should live, and although not so much these days, back then dictating what we had to put up with and our behaviour toward it.  I believe we called that ‘putting the fear of god in ye’.  Of course they incorporated ‘Forgiveness of all sins’ into their preachings – so that we would have to forgive them.  Picking and choosing elements that suit them as they see fit – eh hallo?  Religion is not washing powder that gets better than ever with each new marketing campaign, this is supposed to be ancient ‘teachings’ from the son of the very faceless wonder who gave us life and made this earth.  What gives them a right to change a religion that dates back into the ages?   What, suddenly his word and teachings aren’t good enough?  Because suddenly it doesn’t suit them to wear sandals? Or be celibate? Or to be broke and have nothing but the shirt on their backs?  As it was in the beginning, so it shall be in the end, amen.  Exactly – corruption.  Making up stories to start the movement, making up stories to keep the ‘movement’.

From another angle, how many wars does religion factor into?  Leaving eastern Europe and the Middle East out of it, I’ll focus on my own doorstep here in Ireland.  If you don’t already know, our civil wars all continue to be over religion.  There are parts of Northern Ireland you must not go if you are Catholic and parts you must not go if you are Protestant.  As a result of religion, I have never been to the North of my own country and probably never will now.  Don’t believe it when you read that The Peace Process, Treaty etc., brought an end to all the animosity up there, they didn’t!  I’m not saying they  didn’t make a difference, but ultimately the hatred between Orange and Green continues.

All of the different forms and ‘takes’ on ‘religion’ that are out there.  Take Buddhism for example, can you even begin to imagine them doing what the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) have done?  And yet they don’t sit on mountains of wealth, don’t ‘market’ themselves through any means and they never infer or imply that living any other way will lead to eternal damnation.  And yet it all makes sense for a near perfect world.  Modern day dependence on technology etc makes such a lifestyle commitment nigh on impossible now, but attainable non-the-less.

Sadly I feel one of the biggest problems with our planet is, if it doesn’t affect ‘our’ pockets or ‘ourselves’ directly, then it all too often doesn’t even trigger our own senses of humanity and compassion and people like Colm O’Gorman end up fighting alone.  Alone against a perverse army headed by ultimate power and OMFG amounts of money (pun intended!).  People of that nature should not have ANY power whatsoever, certainly not THAT kind !!!  Aiding and abetting is the same as doing the crime and once such corruption is discovered, such a force should – at the very least be disbanded, unarmed and thrown into a hole and left there.  Still their suffering would only be a fraction of that of their victims.

I would also however add, that I empathize with so many in this documentary.  The guy holding onto his child particularly, as my mind knows the same dilemma when it comes to talking or being around often extremely nice men who are priests.  I used to feel guilty about that, but I don’t anymore.  Assuming they are innocent and know some shame of the tendencies of their peers and failings of their superiors, then they will understand my doubts.  Those who cling to the cloth hoping to turn it all around so that we may see the light of the true teachings of eons past, have my respect, but I won’t follow.

The researcher, in that he ‘misses’ the church – in terms of what it meant to him;  a sense of community, the magic, the comforting knowledge that we were all loved as equals in the eyes of the one great Divine that made us, …I get that.  But thankfully, my eyes are open now many years and I have found that again; that faith in a community that condemns evil and condones peace and I don’t have to pay them with anything for the privilege of being there.  I am so grateful that with age comes wisdom and only hope that I can continue to use some of my accumulated knowledge and experience to help others, especially the little ones…

Love & Light



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