It’s nice to be nice …no?

I’m only really getting into posting these to my various ‘walls’ now… of which there are not many, might I add.  Although I know my way around the halls of cyberspace pretty well at this point, I’m still an ol’ fashioned gal when it comes to my writing and self-promotion.  Yes, I’ve got things to say, but I’m not here to soap-box, if you catch my drift.  Oh there are subjects I could get up and rant about, nothing surer – and I’d start with politicians and the hypocrisy of modern religion, but I’m a firm believer of being allowed to have your own opinion, just not into having them shoved down my throat, thank you.  And so I don’t come on here to judge or persuade, just to get the thoughts out, ‘on to paper’, as it were.

With that in mind, you may understand when I say I’m disappointed with the feedback – or rather lack thereof.  With the exception of a few brave souls, I’ve had none.  I wouldn’t mind that if I didn’t know that people were reading what I’ve posted so far, so why?  Why not say, ‘Hey you’re full of shit girl, get a grip’ or ‘That was nice’ or ‘Hadn’t thought of it like that!’ or ‘Are you off your rocker?’ !  Anything – click like, rate – whatever, just to acknowledge you’re ‘hearing’ me, ‘cos really, that’s what this is all about.  Knowing that I’ve been heard.  To be understood would be awesome, but here ‘heard’ will do.  That’s where the self-promotion comes in, I’m not into it and never was inclined to blow my own trumpet.  I think I’m even kind of inclined to judge people on how they read me, as opposed to how they are themselves.  No room for trumpets.  If they can read me at all, then there’s hope for a long and solid friendship.  If they even bother to try, then we’re on our way to somewhere that ain’t just acquaintance.  But, to bypass what’s staring in-front of them completely – often too absorbed in themselves? then we’ll never be friends.  That certainly will not mean that they would have to only want to know about me throughout our friendship, it will simply mean to me that they are worthy of all the wondrous things I will give to them, as my friend.  Things that are sacred to me and that I would expect in return.  Things like respect, honesty, my loyalty, my trust and my truths.  Then you will truly know who I am and you will know that I truly like you and respect you.

For me, here is a million miles from Facebook and social networking sites in general.  They are about peoples lives and how they are living theirs.  Often thoughts are shared there about how we are feeling, or when we need to let out steam occasionally (every 5 minutes for some) and let’s face it, you’re pretty much going to see what the account holder wants you to no?  Generally it’s not a place we put up our dirty laundry is it?  Or photos of our bad hair days?  You will never see me naked on Facebook – not EVER, but you will find me ‘naked’ here.  Thoughts from the deepest cornices of my multifaceted mind,  open for discussion and rational ridicule and maybe even occasionally a bit of admiration.  Given the way I write and more to the point, how I think, I won’t be putting it out like simple mathematics, you’ll have to do some of the work yourself.  Figure it out.  Between the posts and the poetry and lyrics, you’ll uncover the story… eventually.  I hope to continue posting and one day jam the whole lot into a biography, or book of memoirs when I’ve seen what I’ve to see on this planet and learned almost all I can learn.  It’ll be interesting to look back along the whole road then.  It won’t be a book of fairy-tales – at least not the first half, lol, but I hope it will gather dust as it passes down through future generations, just the same.

So here is not my life on show, it’s me.  Thanks so much to those of you have acknowledged and/or commented, you can see now how I appreciate it.  To you and those of you who will remain in the shadows for reasons of their own (and really that’s ok too), I hope you get something special from here, or that I may come out with something that helps you in some good way.  For those who just can’t be bothered, but will continue to come back?  this is how I see it, I wouldn’t enter someones house and not tell them, have a good look around and leave – would you? ;o)x

Love & Light


6 thoughts on “It’s nice to be nice …no?

    • Thanks so much for taking the time!! You were one of the brave souls I mentioned lol! I wasn’t referring to yourself, as you have shown your presence here before, and don’t expect people to do that all the time, even once would be nice. I do take on board what you are saying. I’m kind of out of the loop here at the min because grabbing minutes here and there with little time for myself, but I’ll be around having a read once things quieten down. I did call to your page actually, after your visit and read your ‘About’ page, or mission statement if you will. I wanted to comment but it doesn’t give the option, is that something we can turn on or off then? Originally I did think I would prefer no comments allowed – so that I wouldn’t feel bad if they were never used lmao – and I was right! I wanted to just say that having read your statement, I had made the absolute decision to get a firearm – it being a consideration of mine for a long time now. You opened very valid points with the demise of Constitutional Rights and rising unemployment, these are my fears too. Not sure I’d be up for the big guns, literally, but certainly some peace of mind Thanks again, much appreciated!!

  1. Hi Amanda J. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for pointing out that my about page does not take comments. Not sure how to fix that but the comments section works under individual articles. Just another wordpress mystery lol 🙂

  2. I love your writing! I discovered your blog today thanks to the “Rising stars” post by Health Demystified and instantly became a fan of your writing. I think it is very blunt (I’m not sure if i’m using the word correctly, but what I mean by “blunt” is that it is direct, to the point, honest, raw) and I like it, not many people dare to nude their minds so efficiently and eloquently. Keep up the interesting posts! You are definitely a delight to read.
    Love, Erika

  3. Hi Eugica, and thank you soo much for your wonderful comment!! I doubt you truly realise how your comment has contributed to my will to even get out of bed today… The power we have is undoubtedly scary and invariably never truly known, except of course, by those who seek to gain power and control. Anyway, I went on to read your blog today but see that it has been taken down…? I wondered why that is… and given the title and nature of your blog as I remember it from my quick glance yesterday, I feared it may be because you lost some of your own confidence, as I have done here myself when I first started. I wish now that I could’ve spent the time yesterday reading your own eloquently and insightful words, but things have not been too good on my own front here of late and I simply did not have the time. By the time I got to it today, it was gone :o( So, I write this in the off-chance that you will still be receiving notifications for your account, and that you will then have the opportunity to hear me when I say, ‘Please don’t give up!’ Stay with it – and once off the wagon, does not mean failure and does not mean the end of your great efforts. Often we as humans, have to try a few times or a hundred times to get away from that which nails us to our own cross, but you must not let a bad day decide your future. I know it’s hard, I’ve a few crosses of my own here, but I can honestly say, that staying here – regardless of them, is helping to keep me some level of sane. I so hope you can hear me Eugica and that we will talk again soon. Love & light my friend, Amanda. xxx

    • Hello Amanda! I just read this! I spotted your comment on Eric’s post about his addiction to blogging, and decided to check if you had replied to my comment, and you did!!! I didn’t receive a notification!! My blog hasn’t been taken down! I took down one blog with zero posts that I first created named “mybulimiarecovery”… I didn’t like the name of it, so I wanted to change it but due to my lack of skills in WordPress or blogging, I couldn’t manage to change the name, so I had to create another one lol! I’ll leave a link right here for you to read it, I definitely would love for you to read me: My first language is Spanish, so writing in English doesn’t come as natural and as fluid as I would like, but I enjoy practicing my writing in English.
      I am sooo glad that my comment had such a positive influence in you. I am new to this blogging community and that part, where one inspires another, is the most fun and what has kept me on the right track to recovery.
      Please keep writing, cause I’m definitely reading and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
      Lotsa love from one rookie blogger to an experienced one.

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