Open all hours…

Another night of sleeplessness, driving me insane…An urge to write I couldn’t fight and I was out with pen again..

Will add this to my poetry page also.

The Mirror

I called on an old friend yesterday,

Been such a long time, We’d so little time for play.

She was there with me when the stars came out, And when I was alone.

But never when I played with friends, Or when Mum and Dad were home.

She’s been hiding under darkness, All these growing years,

Never fully open, Never trusting peers.

The beauty of her nature, never fully known

And with burden of sadness, She has never fully grown.

She feigned a smile back at me, As I watched her through the glass,

An eerie recognition, Of many moons that passed.

She offered me a whiskey, And poured one for herself,

Surrounded by her future, In every frame on every shelf.

She closed her eyes and led me, Right into her mind

Leaving present and normality, A million miles behind.

She opened a book filled with her words, Years of unanswered prayers,

Where truths were never heard, by one who might have cared.

Her story ran relentless, And with every page she poured

Another bourbon whiskey, No ice and not stirred.

As tears streamed her now lined face, She kept them wiped away,

Desperate to recount the tales, And it had to be that day.

I’ve lived with this so long now”, Her story began,

And from every breathing burly shadow, I got up and ran”.

But I can not keep running, My heart and soul are tired

Carrying these secrets, That fuel eternal fires”.

She lit another wand of incense, to help clear the air,

Still and in silence, I knew they were there.

Ghosts of her lifetime, Demons of old,

Taunting and haunting, my blood ran cold.

No age left sacred, None free of scars,

Years drenched in sadness, The child in her marred.

A terror within her, engraved by her past,

Escaping words, Found her freedom at last.

Anger, frustration, Disappointment and shame,

Nobody or armor saved her that pain.

But with ‘alter-ego’ that now stands to the fore,

NO-ONE will be taking more.

I watched her soul lighten, as each page unfurled,

Relieved of it’s burden, finally, As each word was heard.

One for the road”, I said, refilling the glass,

Relieved to feel better, Some peace at last.

I blew out the candles and washed out my glass,

So many whiskeys make time go so fast.

I glanced to the mirror, To see had she gone

That girl looking back, So amazingly strong…

by Amanda J. Fitzpatrick©


3 thoughts on “Open all hours…

  1. Have you thought about publishing your work? I’d purchase a copy. Do you also write fiction and if so what fiction topics do you enjoy writing about?

  2. You would? – ah thanks rmac!!! That’s such a nice thing to hear, particularly today when the clouds are at their greyest and the rain is belting off my window!! Everything feels gloomy..
    Over the years, I often dreamed about publishing my work, but have so much going on in my life, that the idea of arranging it, finding and applying to publishers etc just seemed too big a chore. Not to mention the confidence to do it! I was always a writer of sorts, but nothing defined, if you know what I mean. At 16 I turned from poetry to music and wrote my first song. I was completely enthused by music and somewhere along the way, songwriting became my preference with my 6 string acoustic. I also sing which helps and I won a couple of awards ‘back in the day’, but then took off to see the world and often had to leave my guitar behind, so I got out of the habit of all types of writing – except letter writing lol. I have a couple of works of fiction dating back almost a decade now, that I was never confident enough to finish. I wrote a health manual style book, non-fiction, again not quite finished, but I enjoy writing facts. In fiction, I enjoy writing thrillers, you know something to keep you on the edge of your seat? – I’m not saying I’ve mastered it, but it’s where my fiction works are aimed. Also I have a life-story that sits on the back-burner, which I think is part of the reason I’m here… I have a lot to ‘get off my chest’ and I saw it as an opportunity to maybe write it ‘cryptically’ here. I always felt that once I’d gotten it off my chest, I could get on with writing the other stuff, better, but who knows…

    Thank you for that enormous compliment rmac, I cherish each and every one!

    Amanda 🙂

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