The day after…and the ball is rolling!

Met with my friend M last night after I left here.  To say that the whole evening and depth of conversation was theraputic would be to understate the whole experience.  The power of great friendships should never be underestimated.  Things are clearer in my head now, and I’m facing up to some of the things I have to do.  I just  need to keep some energy, these are tough times.  I constantly remind myself that I am in a very good situation, despite how it feels to me most of the time.  But there is old, dead wood that needs to be cleared and I’m the one with the axe.  It’s a question of letting go of things, notions and on some level, dreams.  I can do it all again if I want to, only better, it’s not the end of the world, just the beginning of a new phase in my life and I need to embrace that.  By the end of today, I should have made enough positive changes that each day should feel a little easier from now forward, but the truth of that will show itself tomorrow morning, the moment I open my eyes and embark on a new day.  For now, anticipation.

I’m just off the phone, the ball is rolling…


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